Combining alignment principles and strength training to create a workout that builds a balanced and strong physique



Live stream. On Demand.  One on One Training.The workouts are created to build strength from a solid foundation. We create ease and balance in the body, as well as shape the physique and give you more confidence.

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Join us for this 40 minute Sculpting Class where we use resistance bands, and light to medium hand weights (2lb-10lb) to get a great workout focusing on creating better posture and shape while getting stronger and balanced.

We also add in some LPF to work on the deep layers of the core along with shaping the waist.

Now offering LPF Classes on Zoom!

Main Objectives of Low Pressure Fitness:

- to tone deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
- to enhance postureto prevent all types of herniation (abdominal, vaginal etc)
- to regulate and/or improve respiratory parameters
- to reduce and/or prevent the symptoms of urinary incontinence
- to improve the management of intraabdominal pressure
- to improve venous return
- to prevent musculoskeletal injuries
- to improve lumbo/pelvic stabilization
- to enhance quality of life and well being

We also add in LPF training in our Sculpting classes to help shape the waist.

" I have done a lot of different fitness programs and am also looking for something different. I have done TRX, boxing, CrossFit,, hot yoga, and I was a spin instructor for almost 20 years. You have a neat approach to fitness as you are innovative in coming up with moves that really hit the muscles. I also like that you have a background in strength training (you can obviously tell by your physique), so it’s nice to see that what you choose to do works for you, it doesn’t just apply to “yoga or pilates” people."

Emmanuela is a therapist who loves to help people move optimally. Being in the fitness industry for over 20 years, self-coached in bodybuilding and figure competitions, Emmanuela knows the importance of correct alignment, proper mindset and adequate rest to get the most out of a lifestyle program. 

Emmanuela holds many Yoga certifications, including 200 and 500 hour training, Yoga Therapy training, Exercise Nutrition, as well as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach certificate through the CHEK Institute.

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